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Showcasing Slidell’s Highlights– Comfort Inn & Suites

Slidell, Louisiana, is a well-kept secret tucked away in the state's southeastern region. This picturesque city blends a rich historical heritage, vibrant culture, and enticing outdoor experiences. For those contemplating a visit and seeking excellent room booking options, the Comfort Inn & Suites, one of the best room reservation in Slidell, LA stands out as the ideal choice. Within this blog post, we will guide you through exploring the top attractions, all while relishing the comforts of our exceptional hotel.  

Comfort Inn – Statistics

As per Statistica, Comfort Suites had the highest number of properties operated by Choice Hotels International Inc. in the United States, totaling 1,685 properties. In contrast, the Quality brand had 1,633 properties during the same period.

Welcome To Comfort Inn & Suites  

Before we embark on the thrilling adventures that Slidell has to offer, let's begin with your anchor: Comfort Inn & Suites. We provide a seamless fusion of luxury and practicality. Let's delve into why our hotel is a superb room reservation option:   

1. Convenient Location  

An indispensable perk of lodging at Comfort Inn & Suites lies in its strategically positioned address. Furthermore, the proximity of a brief drive to New Orleans opens the opportunity to delve into the dynamic allure of the Big Easy, all while relishing the serene ambiance of Slidell.  

2. Other Hotel Features



Spacious Rooms 

Comfortable rooms with modern amenities 

Complimentary Breakfast 

Start your day with a hearty breakfast 

Outdoor Pool 

Relax by the poolside under the sun 

Fitness Center 

Stay active and fit during your stay 

Business Center 

Convenient facilities for business travelers 


Stay connected with complimentary high-speed internet 


Slidell's Rich History  

Hotels In Slidell, LA

Exploring Slidell's rich history is a captivating journey through time. The Olde Towne Slidell Historic District showcases 19th-century architecture, while the Slidell Museum offers insights into the city's heritage. It's a delightful blend of preservation and discovery for history enthusiasts.  

1. Olde Town Slidell Historic District  

Every trip to Slidell is genuinely fulfilled by exploring the captivating Olde Towne Slidell Historic District. This enchanting locality boasts meticulously conserved historic structures, quaint boutiques, art galleries, and enticing eateries. Meandering down Carey Street unveils architectural treasures from the 19th century and visiting the Slidell Museum is a must for delving into the city's rich historical narrative.  



Carey Street 

Historic street with shops and galleries 

Slidell Museum 

Showcases Slidell's history 

Fremaux Town Center 

Shopping and dining destination 

2. Camp Salmen Nature Park  

Camp Salmen Nature Park provides a tranquil retreat amidst Slidell's natural splendor. Spanning over 130 acres of pine woodlands, swamplands, and scenic hiking paths, it is an idyllic haven for nature lovers. This park boasts a storied past, once serving as a hub for Native American trade. Discover its diverse ecosystems, encounter wildlife, and relish a serene picnic in this pristine environment.  



Hiking Trails 

Traverse scenic paths through lush landscapes 


A haven for avid birdwatchers 

Picnic Areas 

Ideal spot for a serene outdoor meal 


Savoring Cajun And Creole Cuisine  

Hotels In Slidell, LA

Slidell is renowned for its delicious and authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine. During your Comfort Inn & Suites stay, indulge in the local flavors.  

1. Palmettos On The Bayou  

For an authentic Louisiana culinary experience, visit Palmettos on the Bayou. This eatery presents traditional Cajun and Creole delicacies within a charming bayou backdrop. Savor dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and the freshest seafood while relishing the scenic views surrounding you.  



Crawfish Étouffée 

A spicy and flavorful crawfish stew 

Shrimp And Grits 

Creamy grits topped with Gulf shrimp 

Bread Pudding 

A sweet and decadent dessert 

2. Southside Café  

Another culinary gem in Slidell is the Southside Café, a family-owned establishment famed for its po' boys and Southern comfort food. Don't miss out on their signature roast beef po' boy - a true Louisiana delight. 



Roast Beef Po'boy 

Tender roast beef with gravy on French bread 

Seafood Platter 

A delightful mix of fried seafood 

Bread Pudding 

A sweet and satisfying end to your meal 

Outdoor Adventures In Slidell  

Outdoor Adventures In Slidell  

Slidell's natural surroundings offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to have a great time.  

1. Bayou Adventure  

If your interests lie in kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply immersing yourself in the bayou's natural beauty, Bayou Adventure is your ideal destination. Here, you can easily rent equipment, participate in guided tours, and intimately connect with the area's distinct ecosystem.  




Explore the picturesque bayou waters 


Try this exciting and engaging water activity 


Guided tours to discover local wildlife 


2. Honey Island Swamp Tours  

Tour Type 


Wildlife Encounter 

Observe alligators and other swamp wildlife 

Birdwatching Tour 

Perfect for birth enthusiasts 

Photography Tour 

Capture the mesmerizing swamp scenery 


Retail Therapy & Entertainment  

hotels in Slidell, LA

Indulge in retail therapy and entertainment in Slidell. Explore diverse shopping options at places like Fremaux Town Center, which offers fashion and more. For leisure, savor live music, cultural events, and local cuisine, completing your Slidell experience with a dash of entertainment.  

Fremaux Town Center  

Fremaux Town Center is the place to be for those seeking a shopping spree. This open-air shopping center offers diverse retail stores and dining options, making it a delightful destination for shopping and entertainment.  



Retail Stores 

Shop for clothing, accessories and more 

Dining Options 

Enjoy a variety of dining choices 


Final Thoughts  

With its intriguing history, delicious cuisine, and outdoor adventures, Slidell promises an enriching experience. Comfort Inn & Suites, one of the best hotels in Slidell, LA promises a comfortable stay. Your journey through this vibrant city will be memorable. So, pack your luggage, book your stay, and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Slidell while staying at one of the luxury hotels.  

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1. What Are Interesting Facts About Louisiana?  

  • The naming of Louisiana is in honor of King Louis XIV of France.  
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, is renowned worldwide for its extravagant Mardi Gras celebration.  
  • A substantial Cajun population finds its home in the state of Louisiana.

2. What Brings Fame To Louisiana?  

Louisiana garners recognition for its numerous festivals, including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Bayou Country Superfest, Essence Music Festival, Festival International, Voodoo Experience, and its most renowned one, Mardi Gras.

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