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Safety Tips

Our primary goal is to make sure that our guests are safe. We request our guests to kindly read through the safety tips to act promptly in case of adversities that may occur during their stay in the best luxury rooms in Slidell, LA.


To make your trip hassle-free, consider the following travel advice.
Travel Tips
Pack light

A comfortable travel experience can be achieved by packing light.

Carry zip locks

Dealing with wet or damp clothes will be much easier with zip locks.

Locks are inevitable

To avoid unexpected loss of belongings, ensure that your travel bags and baggage are always locked.

Carry important papers

Before you venture out, make sure you have your passport, license, and all necessary vehicle documentation.

Pre-book your tickets online

Pre-booking your tickets to the city's top tourist attractions is an easy way to save time and energy.

Hotel Protocols

Upon arrival

Check the property map pasted behind your guestroom door to find the fire exits and staircases.

Be aware of the locations of the fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations on your floor.

Locate the "Off" switch on your air conditioner.

Note: By turning off the air conditioner, you can stop smoke from being sucked into your room in case of a fire.

Security Procedures

To ensure your safety, kindly lock your door with the deadbolt.

To ensure your safety, kindly lock your door with the deadbolt.


Never let a stranger inside your room without verifying their identification first

If you are unsure who the person is, kindly contact the front desk.

Your room keys should always be kept secure.

Avoid forgetting your key inside your room or leaving it by the door.

Never give your keys to a stranger.

Before leaving for the day, make sure you drop your keys off at the front desk.


In Case Of Fire

Don't panic. Remain calm.

Pull the closest fire alarm.

If possible, shut the doors around the fire area.

Contact the front desk.

Inform the service team of the circumstance.

Leave your room and our hotel grounds as soon as possible.

Always keep your room key handy.

In case of smoke

Wrap your nose and mouth with a wet towel folded in a triangle.

Contact the front desk.

Inform the service team of the circumstance.

Crawl towards the door.

Check the temperature of the doorknob.

In case of a tornado or severe weather

The city's Civil Defense Sirens are turned on in times of emergency. In such a situation, our hotel property's fire alarm system will immediately be activated to warn guests. The protocol then requires the visitors to be evacuated to the lowest floor. The employees at our hotel will always be there to help. The hotel's administration will make every effort to contact you to alert you about the situation via phone or in person at your door.

Case A

Slowly open it if it's cold.

Leave the room. Remember to take your room key with you.

Case B

Do not open the door if it is hot.

Be patient while our service team assists you.

Case 1

Move in the direction of the emergency exit stairs if the hallway is smoke-free.

Case 2

If the hallway is smoke-filled, kindly return to your room so we can give you immediate advice and ensure you are as safe as possible.

COVID-19 Protocols

The COVID-19 protocols of our brand are enforced by our hotel management. We also follow state laws on social distancing. We request that our visitors comply with the following rules to stay safe during the pandemic.

Put on a face mask when you're in the lobby or another public place.

Pay attention to social distancing protocols (even in the breakfast area).

Disclaimer: The hotel cannot be held accountable for any sickness experienced by guests while they are staying on our property.