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Drawing Focus To Slidell Little Theater– Comfort Inn & Suites

When it comes to immersing yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of a city, few experiences can compare to attending a local theater. In Slidell, Louisiana, the Slidell Little Theatre stands as a well-kept secret, enchanting audiences for numerous years. Whether you are a devoted theater lover or simply seeking a distinctive room booking experience during your stay at Comfort Inn & Suites, one of the best luxury hotels in Slidell, this blog is your comprehensive guide to ensure your visit is enjoyable and fulfilling.  

History Of Slidell Little Theater  

Slidell Little Theatre (SLT) is a community-based theater in Slidell, Louisiana. This beloved establishment has provided the local community entertainment and cultural enrichment for almost fifty years since its founding in 1963. SLT is unwavering in its dedication to providing the arts to Slidell's locals and guests, promoting a thriving cultural environment. 


Nestled at 2024 Nellie Drive, Slidell, LA 70458, Slidell Little Theatre enjoys a strategic and convenient position. Slidell Little Theater is close and conveniently accessible from Comfort Inn & Suites. This makes it a perfect choice for hotel guests.  


SLT's diverse variety of shows, which includes musicals, comedies, dramas, and children's theater, has helped the company establish a reputation. The theater consistently provides a revolving calendar of shows year-round, ensuring a compelling choice for every taste. It's advisable to peruse their website or contact them in advance to ascertain the current schedule during your stay at Comfort Inn & Suites.  

Quality Of Performances  

An outstanding feature of SLT is the remarkable caliber of its performance. The theater places great emphasis on presenting shows of professional quality, even though it operates as a community theater. With a committed ensemble and support team, each production stands as a testament to the skill and dedication of local artists. Anticipate remarkable acting, captivating set designs, and exquisite costumes that transport you deep into the heart of the narrative.  

Support For Local Talent  

SLT holds a profound dedication to fostering the development of local talent, encompassing not only actors but also directors, stage managers, set designers, and various other roles. Numerous individuals within the community have refined their skills and expertise by actively participating in the theater. When you attend a performance, you are not only enjoying a show but also actively endorsing the advancement of these artists and bolstering the arts scene in Slidell.  

Getting Tickets  

Before your visit to SLT, it's crucial to obtain your tickets in advance. The theater provides a variety of ticket choices, including season passes for those seeking to relish multiple shows. Tickets can be purchased from the website. Tickets for popular shows sell out rapidly. It is highly recommended to acquire your tickets well in advance.  

Comfort Inn & Suites – A Convenient Stay  

When organizing your trip to SLT, Comfort Inn & Suites presents an optimal choice for luxury room reservations. This hotel is positioned near the theater and supplies guests with a cozy and accessible hub for their Slidell journey. With comfortable lodging, excellent amenities, and hospitable staff, your stay here ensures you'll be well looked after throughout your visit.  

Accommodations At Comfort Inn & Suites  

Comfort Inn & Suites provides various lodging options tailored to your requirements. Whether you prefer roomy suites or comfortable rooms. There is always an option to accommodate every guest. Every room is thoughtfully designed to guarantee a peaceful night's sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and prepared for the day's forthcoming escapades. Book your stay with us for the best group travel best hotel room reservations in Slidell.  


  • Complimentary Breakfast  
  • Wi-Fi   
  • Coffee  
  • Stay For Kids Under 17  
  • Swimming Pool  
  • Fitness Center  

Dining Options  

An array of dining establishments encircles Comfort Inn & Suites. It allows you to indulge in delectable local fare. Following a delightful performance at SLT, you can visit a neighboring restaurant to relish a superb dining experience. Whether your palate craves seafood, Cajun specialties, or international flavors, you'll discover a culinary option that will delight your taste buds.  

Planning Your Visit  

Room bookings in Slidell, LA

When you embark on a visit to Slidell Little Theatre, it's essential to bear in mind the following key considerations:  

1. Check The Schedule  

The theater operates a revolving schedule of performances, underscoring the significance of consulting their website or contacting them in advance to ascertain the current lineup during your visit. It's highly recommended to procure your tickets ahead of time to guarantee your reserved seats.  

2. Arrive Early  

Arriving a little earlier is a wise choice, as it allows ample time to locate parking and comfortably settle into your seat. The lobby area serves as an excellent space for mingling with fellow theater enthusiasts and encountering some of the actors following the performance.  

3. Support The Acts  

Remember that SLT operates as a non-profit community theater, and your presence is vital in bolstering the local arts landscape. If you find the performance impressive, consider donating to further their mission of delivering top-tier entertainment to the community.  

4. Enjoy The Experience  

It's essential to unwind, relish the show, and fully engage in the captivating world of live theater. SLT's productions are bound to leave a profound and enduring impact.  

A Unique Experience  

Slidell Little Theatre stands as a cherished cultural gem that has been enhancing the lives of both residents and tourists for many decades. For those staying at Comfort Inn & Suites, one of the best hotels in Slidell, LA, you are ideally situated to relish the exceptional productions presented by this community theater. With their unwavering dedication to excellence, the nurturing of local talents, and a diverse selection of shows, SLT assures an unforgettable and enriching experience. Therefore, as you plan your excursion to Slidell, include an evening at Slidell Little Theatre to savor a glimpse of the city's vibrant arts scene.  

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Yes, a 24/7 business center is available for visitors.  

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